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"I've always been intrigued by the power of technology and how we can utilize it to make our way though millions of records to find the important pieces of evidence.  Taking the important pieces and organizing them to create a timeline for the story to come to life fascinates me. I'm proud to have collaborated with some of the most talented legal teams in the industry to assist in telling their stories. There are so many options for data management, I try to stay on top of the latest eDiscovery tools and rules.  Each day, I strive to create the best solutions I can for my clients." 

Karen Chamberlain

Professional Experience

Certified eDiscovery Specialist ( CEDS), IPRO Consultant,

Trial Director Certified Trainer, Certified Paralegal 

and Summation Support Specialist (SSS).

Karen provides eDiscovery, case management and review software training for lawyers, paralegals, service providers and governmental agencies

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​​​Certified eDiscovery Specialist

Complex Litigation Specialist

​Certified Paralegal

Professional Skills

Karen is the Owner of Litigation Services, which has been providing consulting and litigation support to clients for more than 35 years. It provides a full suite of solutions to assist with the management of complex matters. 

Karen's clients are very special to her and it shows in the bonds that have been built over her extensive career. She began in 1977 in Miami-Dade County as Judicial Assistant in Crimes Court and was hooked. Her experience spans from Court Reporting to a Certified eDiscovery Specialist. Karen holds numerous industry certifications .  She has 15 years of hands experience as a Litigation Support Manager with three top rated litigation support companies and is a certified paralegal. Her knowledge and proven workflows for complex matters have assisted clients with helping to manage their data to stay on budget.