About Karen

Her knowledge and proven workflows for complex matters have assisted clients with helping to manage

their data and to stay on budget. In trying to maintain a life balance, when not working, Karen volunteers for numerous organizations.  She's a great fund raiser and loves attending events around the community.  A born and raised Floridian, Karen loves the beach. "Technology has opened a whole new world for me.  It allows me to take my work with me anywhere I go. There's nothing like sitting by the surf and checking in on a database using my tablet."

What Clients and Partners are saying

​​​Certified eDiscovery Specialist

Complex Litigation Specialist

​Certified Paralegal

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Litigation Services LLC

“First and foremost, Karen is a great person. She is caring, compassionate, and genuine. Those traits translate directly to the way she handles her business, where her knowledge and strategic abilities in the litigation support and electronic discovery fields are second to none. She has been a trusted advisor on many of my cases over several years, is available when you need her, and I trust her judgment implicitly. I highly recommend Karen to anyone in need of litigation and electronic discovery support.”
Adam Goldman, Esquire
The Concept Law Group P.A.

"Karen in very experienced in her field.  Our firm has utilized her to train staff and to work on large complex cases.  I would highly recommend her."
Janeena Lluy, Office Manager       

Cole, Scott & Kissane P.A.

"I have had the opportunity to work with Karen Chamberlain on several opportunities now and would highly recommend her for any e-discovery and/or litigation support consulting engagement. Karen’s wealth of experience in both areas can help circumvent a lot of red tape that often comes along with vetting solutions. She has her finger on the pulse of the industry and knows when it may be worth spending a bit more money and when it may not. Karen is a very strong client advocate and can help advise, or actually roll up her sleeves and do the work. She is a great asset for any team!"

Rob Lekowski, VP of Sales & Marketing


"Karen Chamberlain is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful eDiscovery experts in the nation.  We rely heavily on her expertise and project management skills to ensure our south eastern clients get the support and feedback required to navigate the most complex eDiscovery issues and challenges. Digital WarRoom would highly recommend her for any e-discovery and/or litigation support consulting engagement. Karen understands the risk and cost tradeoffs for the wide spectrum of eDiscovery solutions that are available to litigators in today’s information saturated world.  Karen is a very strong client advocate; she can provide advice on solutions or join the team and ensure work is completed in a timely fashion. Karen is a great addition to any litigation practice support team!"

Bill Gallivan, Co-Founder/Owner

Digital Warroom/GGO

"I have worked with Karen since 1999 and have always had positive results and great feedback from our mutual clients. Karen's ability to jump in to the middle of a litigation support / eDiscovery crisis and turn things around is truly impressive. She's conscientious and a hard worker too, always willing to put in the long hours when the situation requires it. Simply put, I refer Karen because she makes my clients happy. She's a great resource for any firm that needs help with litigation support technology and process."

Josh Kotler, CEO

Western Digitech Inc.