Litigation Services LLC

Litigation Support

Our technicians assist your litigation department with:

  • Database design and management
  • Complex litigation mapping
  • Data culling, processing and loading
  • Preparation of review sets including quality control for final reviews
  • Preparation of production sets
  • Assisting with search protocols
  • Preparation of deposition data packs
  • Trial exhibit sets
  • Trial assistance including concierge to presentation support

Other services include:

  • Data Identifying, collection and assessment 
  • Reviewing of Record Retention policies
  • Legal Hold documentation
  • Identification and interviewing of data custodians
  • Chain of custody reports
  • Identify key players and their roles in your environment to assist with the litigation workflows
  • Vendor management (including billing)
  • Reviewing and training for on-Prim review applications
  • Provide options for hosted processing and review applications for full SAAS environments or case specific matters
  • RFPs for preferred vendor selections
  • Proven checklists and detailed documentation which enable your employees to uniformly manage the litigation process

Associated and Partnered Platform Solutions:

IPRO Eclipse, EclipseSE & EScanIt (Certified Reseller, Consultant)

AccessData Summation (Certified Reseller & Trainer with SSS levels)

Trial Director (Certified Trainer and End User)

Everlaw (Certified Reseller)

Digital Warroom (Certified Reseller)